Using the latest technology in digital audio, Music and Effects' editing and mixing facilities provide the highest quality for all areas of sound post production.

Music and Effects uses both Fairlight and ProTools digital audio systems that are all connected to a high speed network to achieve a workflow suitable for all productions. We have an extensive library of sound effects including Soundfield surround recordings gathered over a period of 30 years, Music and Effects combines both technical and creative excellence.

Music and Effects is centrally located (with onsite parking), in one of Melbourne's most cosmopolitan shopping and restaurant districts, in close proximity to quality accommodation and entertainment.

Mixing Theatre


The front end is run by two Fairlight Constellation mixing consoles. This provides world class mixing performance with on board eq, dynamics, a state of the art surround panning system plus a full range of Waves plug ins. 

CEDAR, LEXICON, TC ECLECTRONICS and EVENTIDE PROCESSORS are standard tools in our Mix Theatre.

The mixing theatre is a full size Dolby Digital® licensed theatre.

Television Mix Suite

slide3Mix your Television series in the comfort of our new world class studio. Powered by a Fairlight Constellation console featuring 230 channel CC1 Engine that provides world class mixing performance with on board eq, dynamics, a state of the art panning system plus a full range of WAVES plug ins.

Pro Tools Edit and Mix

protools2Edit suite one is a 192 track pro tools v8 hd 2 system with 5.1 monitoring and separate stereo monitoring for television reference. Edit suite 1 caters for the full range of audio post from sound design, fx, foley, dialogue, music editing to pre mixing and television mixing.

Edit suite 2 runs a pro tools v8 003 system with 5.1 monitoring. Edit suite 2 is perfect for sound design, dialogue, fx , foley and music editing.

Foley and ADR


This brand new room built to world class standards on a floating floor for complete isolation, has foley pits with a variety of surfaces and with a plethora of props, experienced artists and recordists the space can cater all sizes of production.